Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Get Your Feet on the Ground

With an hour to wait while my car underwent a dealer service appointment, I pushed myself past the seductive lure of the Word Welder App on my phone (Don’t even start!) and set out to explore the paths of a nearby waterways restoration project. On a beautifully sunny spring day, the radiant pull of nature held its own against word games!

         These paths were new to me, located across town from my frequented walking trails. They carried me along a winding route banked with the blooms of blue lupine. Pond turtles basked on a partially submerged log and gosling chicks glided at the edge of ponds, flanked by protective parents. Everywhere, life seemed to surge with the energy of renewal.
         Twenty minutes brought me to the end of the path and I turned to retrace my steps to the street. As I paused to shake a shard of gravel from my shoe, I thought about the significance of “getting ones feet on the ground.” It’s common, I think, to hear that phrase as an admonition—a call for common sense. A dismissal of fanciful thinking. Yet, here I was, with my feet on the ground, connecting to the exuberant creativity and possibilities of nature. Finding inspiration, not only in my head but rising up from my feet.

         I love these moments that shake my thinking a bit. How would it be if we could say, “get your feet on the ground“ to mean, “reconnect with the renewal and vitality of nature?” Inspiration in every step! It worked for me. This 45-minute walk stirred my spirit and created its own form of creative word play, even without a smart-phone App!

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